100 or 175 watt mercury suspension, note reflector and globe latches both employed

Unknown manufacturer 175 watt suspension fixture

6.6 ampere street series isolation transformer (175 watts) on pole; "empty" fixture on pole

Line Materials 100 or 175 watt suspension luminaire

Line Materials 100 watt mercury fixture w/ "admiral's hat" reflector and 1960s lamp

Line Materials 175 Watt MV Early 1960s

"Two Headed Monster" w/ two lamp ballast and 400 watt fixtures, late 1950's

Mercury Converted Series, Copper Body (ca. 1930s)

Mercury Fixture w/ 6.6 ampere isolation series transformer on crossarm (ca. 1955-60)

Pemco 400 Watt MV (1960)

Pemco Reproduction 50 watt HPS Radial Wave (1995)

Revere 400 Watt Mercury Fixture (ca. 1965)

Sylvania Six foot 175 Watt (early to mid 1960s)

6.6 ampere street series 400 watt isolation transformer on crossarm (operates luminaire below)

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