Westinghouse (ca. 1920s)

Westinghouse 4000 lumen multiple

Westinghouse OV-20 with P&K lowering mechanism

Hartford Faience Fixture (circa 1930's)

Hartford Faience Fixture

Pemco 50 watt HPS radial wave fixture (reproduction) at dusk

Pemco reproduction 50 watt HPS luminaire w/ heavy duty plastic composition reflector

Line Materials 2500 lumen series fixture

Line Materials steel pole series fixture 1000 lumen (ca.1920s)

Original street series 1000 / 2500 lumen luminaire (circa 1926)

Cutter street series porcelain fixture converted to 1000 lumen multiple w/deep bowl Wheeler reflector

4000 lumen series lamp in poreclain head suspension pendant fixture, (ca.1930s)

Gooseneck style 6.6 ampere 2500 lumen series fixture, (ca.1920s)

Porcelain head series fixture (ca.1930s) 4000 lumens

Series Street Lighting Regulator oil switch and controls

4000 lumen deep bowl series fixture (ca.1940s)

Radial Wave Fixture (ca. 1920s)

Utility Yard Scrap Pile

Ice encrusted pole - photo from New Hampshire Public Service

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