1920s GE fixtue on upswing arm and undersupport

GE luminaire (mercury street series converted) on trolley pole extension

1920s GE fixture on an old trolley pole with light purple globe

Close up of 1920s GE fixture converted to 400w mercury

GE 1000 lumen fixture w/deep bowl aluminum reflector & twist-lock adaptor for p/c

GE multiple fixture w/ Westinghouse "bathroom sink" reflector. ca. 1950

GE Fixture, late 1950s (rare)

GE Form 406-S fluorescent

GE Porcelain Head Multiple (1930s)

Close Up of above fixture

GE 2500 lumen series fixture (ca.1920s)

GE deep bowl 2500 lumen series fixture (ca.1940s)

GE Multiple (mid 1950s)

GE 295 watt w/ GE tube powered photocontrol (circa 1960)

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